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Parongpong is a waste management company started in 2017 in Parongpong Village, North of Bandung. Parongpong aims to be the initiator of Parongpong Zero Waste High Performance Habitat by 2022.


Raw.bnb is a hospitality start up service based in Bandung, Indonesia. We provide various services and products for users and customers in local hospitality business. Raw.partner is the right owner of the property used under this agreement. Both parties agreed to seal the deal related to this agreement. 


B-panel® is a modular building system comprised of reinforced concrete panels, insulated with b-foam® Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) layer, which allow rapid construction of earthquake-resistant, intensively-insulated building.


B-Panel recycle 100% of their post production waste, and as much municipal post-consumer polystyrene waste as we can absorb. Our factory boiler runs exclusively on biofuel since 2010. B-Panel vision is to significantly lower embodied energy and carbon footprint of buildings, and their energy consumption throughout their service life


R.A.W Management

R.A.W management is a start up hotel operator specialized in family owned resort and hotels. We thrive to create a better life together, offering excellent services by putting highest priority on each and every stakeholders interests. We are currently the official operator of Jadul Village Adarapura resort and spa, and Rumah Stroberi Family Lodge & Organic Farm

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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